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Broken appliances and electronics are a drag!
Getting them fixed doesn't have to be!
See my "Helpful Hints" section below for:
Washers, Dryers, TVs, and Dishwashers.
​Maybe you can fix it yourself!

Call, text or email I will get you fixed up quick!

Since I save money by having a free website, no building to pay for and low overhead, the savings are passed on to you!
The real bargain is that you get someone with 43 years experience in home appliance and electronics repairs.
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How clogged is your
Dryer Vent?

Get your vent tested this week!

I will test your dryer vent anywhere in the Des Moines Metro Area for $20!!!
Cleaning is an additional $60.00 except for unusual circumstances. Stacked dryer, or long vent run can cost more.

You may be wasting energy dollars or worse!

It starts out with the clothes not getting dry on the first cycle, yes sometimes they can be more damp than usual if they are not spun out good enough in the washer. If you have to routinely set the dryer to another cycle to get the clothes dry or the dryer seems to run long after the specified 40 to 60 minutes, you may have a clogged vent.
 The first thing you should do is go outside while the dryer is running and see if there is enough air moving out the vent. If the vent is too high up or you can't see lint buildup at the outlet, but still have low air flow, you should have your vent tested. 
   I have the equiptment to test your vent for proper air flow and to clean out the vent if needed.

Have me test your dryer vent for free when I am already at your house looking at another appliance!

​Don't put it off!
Only this much lint build up in your vent will make your dryer run longer to get the clothes dry.
​This wastes your time and your energy dollars!
The Dirty Trick!
Most people are not aware of the dirty little secret that many servicers of appliances and electronics don't tell you. One of the things that being in the service industry for so many years has taught me is that giant manufacturers and large service contract companies pay substantally less to servicers for repairs to their products that are covered under a warranty. Service companies that perform warranty service will accept cuts of 30% to 50% off their regular rates to have the extra business. Rates like this are many times less than the costs to the servicer for performing the warranty service. What that means to the customer who does not have a manufacturers warranty or a service contract is, that you are paying the difference everytime you call one of these big servicers to have your home appliance or electronics worked on. Since manufacturers and service contract companies usually only pay cost on any parts used in warranty repairs, the servicer has to mark up parts much higher that they sell to out of warranty customers to make up the difference. By calling someone like me to work on your stuff, you will save money by not subsidizing the big corporations! 
Most of the larger service companies also have to pay for shiny new trucks, office help and expensive management. The customer pays for all of that everytime you pay for a service call from one of these companies! Service techs that work for these companies are constantly pushed into running more and more calls to increase the volume of business for management. That means they have less time to devote to your needs and charge you more for it! 
An independant servicer like me does not have high overhead and more time to give you the best value for your money!
All these can be repaired, though at times the cost of repair may exceed it's value. Let me diagnose the problem before you throw it out.
Home Theater Components
Antenna or signal issues
TV and home theater:
I can repair nearly any brand of appliance, though some can have limited parts availabilty.
Some TVs can still be repaired, many times TV issues are related to signal and not to a problem in the unit.
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