Dryers are over all pretty trouble free. They do have some parts that will wear out over time with use, but most problems that I see with dryers is with the vent.

Before you call for service on your dryer that is taking too long to dry the clothes, check the vent outside if it is accessable. Many times you will see lint build up on the louvers that close when the dryer is not in use. Carefully remove any lint that is blocking the vent to the outside. 

Make sure that the vent is closing properly when the dryer is shut off. Missing parts on the vent outlet can allow birds to build nests in your vent pipe and clog it!

Check to see that there is plenty of air flow to the outside when the dryer is running. The louver flaps should be almost straight out when the dryer is running.  I can test your vent and clean it for you if it's clogged.

If all these things are good and you are still having trouble with the clothes drying slowly or the dryer makes an unusual noise, set up a service call so I can check your dryer.

If the vent appears to be clogged and you can't reach the clog to remove it, call a vent cleaning company to remove it for you. A clogged vent can cost you money over the long run and could cause bigger problems such as failure of the thermal fuse in the dryer or even a dryer vent fire.
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