Helpfull Hints for your TV
Television has changed a lot over the last 40 some years, but the principal rules of happy TV viewing are the same.
1. Have a good signal.
The best TV money can buy will not work well if it doesn't have a good signal. In the "good old days" TV signals were analog and depended on a good strong signal from the broadcast tower. If you didn't have a good signal you watched the picture through a "snow storm", you would frantically adjust the rabbit ears or antenna to clear up the picture so you could watch your favorite show.
Now with digital transmission of signal it still takes a good signal or the picture will just go black and say "no signal".
If you live within a few miles of the towers you may be able to get a good signal from a cheap antenna that will just plug into your TV. You can then scan the channels into memory in the customer menu and you will be watching your shows in a matter of minutes.
If you have cable or satellite though the signal is fed into the TV tuner by either an external box or by the cable line hookup. These options are easy as a rule but cost you big money over time. The draw of these two services is that you have a much larger varity of programming, but as I have found in the past, there still seems to be "nothing on"!
Many people are going to replacing cable and or satellite with streaming services over the internet and getting local channnels off the air from an antenna. These options are less expensive overall and provide a good varity of entertainment as well.
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