Helpful Hints For Your Washer
Todays modern washers are much different than your Mom's or Grandma's washer. They are built for cost, water savings and energy saving features that the older models did not care about that much. An old Maytag washer could easily last 25 to 30 years, needing only a belt or hose replaced now and then. They also used plenty of water and electric power. You could throw almost anything in them to wash and they would do the job!
Now washers are more particular on how they are loaded and what type of soap is being used. Be sure to use a soap that has the" High Efficiency" marking on the label.
Also limit the amount of soap you use to two tablespoons if you are using a soap that is in a bulk package, that is not a pod or premeasured package.
Too much soap causes a varity of problems.
1. Oversudsing.
     Oversudsing causes the water sensors in many machines to become confused, thinking the water is dirty, the machine continues to wash and wash to get dirt out when really there are just too many suds. Excessive soap also leads to mildew and mold build up in the soap dispensor and on front load machines, the rubber door gasket. Both can be expensive repairs. Oversudsing can also cause your machine to not spin out properly and or pump the water out at the end of the cycle properly. 
2. Soap build up in clothes.
    Using too much soap can build up in your clothes because the high efficiency machine you have uses much less water than the old models. The rinse cycle or even an extra rinse may not be enough to get all the soap out of the clothes. This results in a cycle of build up that wears out your clothes and your machine more quickly than they should.
3. I really don't have to tell you how much laundry soap costs, use less, save money and hassles by using only two tablespoons or the pre measured packets.
4. Clean out your washer if you think you have been using too much soap. Yes, you could buy the expensive tablets and powders that are out there for sale, but why spend the extra money. Buy a bottle of CLR, yes, the Calcium, Lime, Rust stuff. Run an empty load in your washer, normal cycle is fine. Let the washer fill until it starts to agitate, then push
" pause", open the door or lid and pour in 1/3 to 1/2 cup of the CLR. Push "start" again and let the machine agitate for about a minute to mix it up. After a minute, push "pause" again and just let it sit there for 15 to 20 minutes. When time is up, push "start" again and let it finish the cycle. After the cycle is finished the washer is ready to wash clothes again. If an oversudsing condition has been going on a long time, you may need to repeat the above treatment another time or so. If you still have problems give me a call and we can schedule an service call.
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